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Treachery in the Gulf and Agenda 21











What has happened in the Gulf of Mexico was not by accident. It was most likely a design to support an agenda. What that agenda is we do not know exactly but I will try to connect the dots. We may soon know the true extent of its nature by the "solutions" our government imposes on the people in the Gulf area.  

There are some major problems:  

The Obama administration allowed BP to drill at an unstable site (highly over pressured) in 5,000 feet of water;  

BP CEO Tony Hayward dumped his BP stock 2 months before the spill;  

The well was kicking since they drilled into the production zone, so the drilling fluid or mud was underbalanced (mud weight not quite heavy enough for the upward pressure of the gas);  

Goldman Sachs dumped 44% of BP stock and went short on Transocean stock the day before the spill;  

The drilling crew knew that the annular blowout preventer was damaged and BP company man Kazula did not order it repaired;  

BP company man Kazula was a greenhorn on the Deepwater Horizon (he was inexperienced);  

The well was cased, cemented and had two cement abandonment plugs in place, so how could the well be kicking (trying to blow out)?;  

BP company man Kazula sent away the Schlumberger team (supposed to do the cement bond log to check Halliburton's cement job on the casing);  

Despite this the BP company man made the decision to change the mud over to seawater (seawater is 40% lighter than the drilling mud). This is not logical;  

Shouting match between the rig superintendent and the company man. Superintendent felt that the order to change over to seawater was irrational and suicidal;  

During the changeover of the mud to seawater is when the blowout naturally occurred;  

President Obama stood by but did not take action for at least three weeks after the spill;  

BP and the White House allowed the spill to continue;  

The White House allowed BP to spray the highly toxic chemical, Corexit 9500, which is considered to be four to ten times more toxic than the oil itself. EPA told BP not to use Corexit 9500 and BP ignored the federal agency. Corexit is being sprayed at nighttime on coastal residences by the CIA-front, Evergreen Air (which reportedly also sprays chemtrails);  

Negligible cleanup measures on the shores and at sea;  

Barack Obama sent SWAT teams to production platforms and drilling rigs;  

Obama sent the Army and National Guard into the Gulf States for what reason?  

Suppression of investigative reporting of the spill;  

BP arrested people taking pictures of the area;  

BP is allowed to reap the benefit of gathering oil rather than stopping the spill;  

Interests and livelihood of the residents suppressed and not considered in decisions;  

President Obama is using the spill to get the "Cap and Trade" bill passed;  

Twenty-two countries have offered their experience in spill control and cleanup but neither our government nor BP has accepted their offers;  

BP and Obama have declined to use non-toxic microbes as a clean-up measure;  

BP company man Kazula invoked the Fifth Amendment under congressional questioning of his orders.  

Where are the environmental groups? The Santa Barbara spill in 1969 was from an offshore drilling rig in the Santa Barbara Channel. It was a blowout on Union Oil's platform A; over ten days it was estimated that 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into the channel and onto the beaches from Goleta to Rincon and all four Channel Islands. The oil spill prompted a congressional moratorium in 1981 on new offshore oil leasing with exceptions of the Gulf of Mexico and parts of offshore Alaska that remained in effect until 2008 when Congress did not renew it.  

This was the coming out of environmental groups. At the same time Friends of the Earth was heavily supported by BP, ARCO, and EXXON in its litigation against those companies to prevent the completion of the Alaska Pipeline until the price of oil was raised by the Ayatollah in 1978. Friends of the Earth then withdrew is lawsuit and the pipeline was allowed to begin transporting much more valuable oil.  

In 1989 we saw the Exxon Valdez spill which was the largest oil spill at 10.8 million gallons (250,000 barrels) when it hit the Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef. Others estimated a far greater amount, closer to 30 million gallons. It was considered to be one of the most devastating environmental disasters. The tanker's Rayas sonar was not turned on. It was broken and disabled for longer than one year and was considered too expensive to repair or replace. The environmental groups were all over them, and the media piled on.  

The Exxon Valdez crew was criticized for its slow response. The environmental groups were powerful and their voices were heard. In response to this spill the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA) was passed by Congress. It prohibited after 22 MAR 1989 any vessel that has caused a spill of greater than one million US gallons in any marine area from operating in the Prince William Sound. Even though the tanker involved in the spill was double-hulled, this spill resulted in all tankers ordered to be double-hulled. To this day, the spill affects the lives of the people living in the Prince William Sound area. The cleanup has not been successful; more than 26,000 gals of oil remain on the shoreline and the marine life has not recovered. Only 10% of the oil was recovered.  

Even though the environmental groups may have had some effect on the spill it was the community that took the full brunt of the accident. The Chugach Alaska Corporation had to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Losses included recreational sports, fisheries, reduced tourism and of something economists call "existence value," which is the value to the public of a pristine Prince William Sound. The economy of Cordova, Alaska was adversely affected with damage to the herring and salmon stock. Several residents and the mayor committed suicide.  

Let's take a look at what happened to the cleanup crew of the Exxon Valdez. Workers stood in oil foam for 18 hours per day. The boats steered through a hydrocarbon haze. The workers came from the area fisherman and sportsmen suddenly jobless. They were hired by Exxon. They were treated for headaches, nausea, chemical burns, breathing problems. Many or all of them were never the same after working the summer for Exxon. Most of the workers died young due to lung disease (asthma, emphysema), liver, pancreatic and spleen problems. Workers went in 100% healthy and came out sick. Well and vibrant, they all became sick after a summer of hard work in Prince William Sound. There were thousands of workers affected by headaches, cancer, rashes, kidney and liver disease all the result of massive chemical exposure to the dispersants, solvents and crude oil mix. We may never know how many people were affected by the Exxon Valdez spill because Exxon and their cleanup company, Velco Inc., denied government investigators the medical records.  

* * *  

Russia is another country that has had uncontrollable blowouts. They have had five cratered blowouts. They found that drilling a relief well that intersects the wild well and then placing and detonating a nuclear device (which slid the formation across the wild well bore, choking it off) were successful solutions.  

In 1963 the Russians had a horrible blowout that lasted three years spewing twelve million cubic meters of flaming gas each day. Albert Vasiliev (nuclear physicist and gas well firefighter) said, "We were acting like surgeons in last resort cases, but it worked." The blowout sounded like 100 jet planes all at once. A nuclear blast choked it off. This method was found to be effective and they used it on similar cases. Vyacheslav Klishin (nuclear physicist, gas well firefighter) said, "One needs to tie up the well where the leak is. There are only two ways: 1. [A relief well to intersect the wild well, injecting mud and cement into the bore]; 2. A nuclear explosion." The Russians and other countries are obviously alarmed by the Gulf catastrophe and have offered their experience and expertise in wild well control, but Barack Obama and BP have ignored their offers. We can only infer from this that our government and BP are not going to control the well. There is an agenda, but what is it?  

What will happen if the well continues to release 125,000 barrels of oil and at least 9,000 PSI hydrogen sulfide, benzene and methylene chloride gases each day? Benzene is the aromatic hydrocarbon component of crude oil, which is highly toxic and carcinogenic to boot. Acceptable levels are 0 to 4 parts per billion. In Florida, Alabama and Louisiana they have measured 3,000 ppb on shore! Hydrogen sulfide is allowable at 5 to 10 parts per billion. In the above states, H2S has been measured at up to 1,200 ppb. The allowable limit of methylene chloride is 61 parts per billion. The same states have found levels as high as 3,000 to 3,400 ppd!  

The oil flow in the Gulf is equivalent to the Exxon Valdez every two days. It will follow the currents of the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean. Russian scientists have said that, once in the Gulf Stream, it will drastically affect the fishing industry globally. There are millions of families that have made their livelihoods on fishing, shrimping and crabbing. The restaurant, hotel and sports businesses based on tourism will be affected. The chemicals have evaporated into the atmosphere and have condensed, falling on the plant life, farms and the entire environment surrounding the Gulf of Mexico causing corrosive lesions on plants and killing the birds. It is now raining chemicals in Louisiana.  

There may be more that it has affected so far but this is what we have seen on the Internet and YouTube. The currents move around the peninsula of Florida and along the East Coast. This will directly affect more coastal regions in a similar fashion as what we are seeing in the Gulf. We are nearing the hurricane season which will drive the toxic mixture inland. The toxic combination of oil, methane and Corexit will continue to have detrimental effects on our environment and humanity. It is a carcinogen. The hydrocarbon fumes and Corexit are causing symptoms which will manifest in diseases that will afflict plants, animals and humans.  

People along the coastal regions will become sick and die prematurely.  

* * *  

It is ironic that the moral and ethical guidelines for the United Nations' Wildlands Project are based on the philosophy of "Deep Ecology." Our government and BP are creating a famine by letting the blowout continue in its present state. As mentioned above, the EPA objected to the use of Corexit 9500 but Barack Obama did not step in to stop its use. Greenpeace has a boat in the Gulf of Mexico performing research. Research is not the first step that is needed in this life-changing disaster. This is the only NGO environmental group that I have seen in the mainstream media. They have not spoken out on the marine life that is being killed daily, nor have they made any statements on the use of the cancerous chemical Corexit. There is a report from the Sea Turtle Restoration Project that BP has stopped the rescue of Kemp's Ridleys that were trapped in the oil. These sea turtles are being burned with the oil. Burning the oil releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere.  

We seem to be witnessing the collapse of the environmental organizations, none of which has an expected strident position regarding the worst ecological disaster that the modern world has ever known. Hasn't it been their self-appointed responsibility to speak out? Are the environmental organizations taking money from the big polluters?  

Every step during this disaster appears to be controlled by an unprecedented amount of greed. Even greed does not figure because so much natural wealth is being destroyed. What is really going on here?  

Barack Obama spoke to the nation for the first time last week with confident assurances that the Gulf coast would be restored to its original condition eventually. There was no method mentioned. He has made four photo ops trips to the Gulf region, conferring mainly with BP and local leaders. He did not speak to the people who reside in the area. The last one I saw was a silent video showing Obama with a BP cleanup crew relaxing at a picnic table. A local resident commented, "The cleanup crew was there for appearances only; their garbage bags were empty. When Obama left, they got on a bus and left, too."  

Why do we have a media blackout on a catastrophe that will affect the whole world? BP has hired the CIA-front company, Wackenhut, to patrol the shoreline and prevent reporters, residents and visitors from witnessing, describing and recording the damage. Private thugs are forcing the public off public beaches.  

In 1966, The Report from Iron Mountain asked the question: How do you duplicate the total control over the population in peacetime that you have during wartime? Written by Leonard Lewin and immediately branded a satire by government spokesmen, it nevertheless had the ring of truth. We have since seen all of its extreme programs brought to life by the US government. The most notable example is the 1992 Agenda for the 21st Century. Agenda 21 is a United Nations program but it was spearheaded and directly sponsored by President George H.W. Bush at the Rio Conference. President Bush promised the attendees that Americans would one day pledge their allegiance to the United Nations as he made Agenda 21 de facto US policy.  

Once in office, one of the first things President Clinton did by executive order was establish the Presidents Council for Sustainable Development. All aspects of life were covered, though no one in Congress complained or demanded hearings or any sort of debate. Seventeen years later we see Agenda 21 being quietly enforced in federal, state and local laws and regulations. Agenda 21 is the framework for world government, imposed on us by our own town and city councils, our own county supervisors. But it's not called "Agenda 21" by the planners. It's called "Sustainable Development."  

"Sustainable Development" is a code word for world government. The term "world government" is a euphemism for merciless dictatorship. The excuses are the issues of environmental protection, preservation of water and anti-pollution. For example, most of America will be designated as "wildlands" and will be off-limits to Americans. After a severe reduction of the population, survivors will be highly concentrated into "Smart Growth" cities, stacked and packed into high-rise housing projects.  

By reducing the population to the numbers found around the Dark Ages (five hundred million), government control is thought by the planners to be manageable. To get down to five hundred million people from our present population of six billion people will require a ninety-two percent reduction. The reliable methods of population reduction we saw in the last century Capitalist world wars and Communism only achieved reductions in the hundreds of millions. Famine and genocide in Africa were not sufficiently destructive. Agenda 21 calls for the slaughter of five and a half billion people.  

AIDS has affected its target populations here and in Africa but the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, Lyme disease, BSE (mad cow disease) have not taken the numbers wanted. These are all, in my opinion, government-created weapons. Government vaccine programs have not been successful in creating disease and mortality in the numbers needed. The right combination, however, of disease and famine could accomplish the goal.  

The oil flow, blown inland by storms, will create water shortages by poisoning fresh water sources. People who have been subsistence-living will no longer have ways to live as they had been doing for generations. Farmers will lose production due to chemical rain, thus creating food shortages and famine across America and possibly Mexico and South America. People living on seafood will have the most difficulty and may die off quickly. Oil residue has already been seen in seafood in restaurants and grocery stores. More economic alternative food sources will be sought as the price of seafood skyrockets.  

Genetically-altered food sources created by Monsanto will cause disease and early death. Already the use of Monsanto "suicide seeds" in America has adversely affected the honey bees. Our honey bee population has been drastically reduced. Scientists have found that the genetically-altered DNA has affected bee nervous systems, causing a die off, which is now called "colony collapse disorder." Without honey bees, pollination ceases and this will be the end of a natural way of life.  

There will be migrations to urban areas as the coastal people lose everything that made their lives worth living. The "Smart Growth" collectivization of stacking and packing will begin. A single family home with a yard will be something of the past and longed for. Actually the packing of people into small areas will increase the spread of diseases and violence. Two of the tenets of Deep Ecology philosophy in the Wildlands Project are: The human population must be reduced; western civilization must radically change its present economic, technological and ideological structures. Independent entrepreneurs will be things of the past.  

To support the Wildlands Project we find the American Lands Alliance group and, at the state level, the creation of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), which has turned into a land-grab with the support of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority (CRPA). Here is how it works (from "The Louisiana Land-Grab" by Zack Walley):  

"The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has moved to usurp traditional private property protections in Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin. In a highly questionable action the USACE has forced conservation easements on the properties of an untold number of homeowners, farmers, timber producers and sportsmen in a 338,000 acre area (equaling an area 10 miles wide and 53 miles long).  

In an attempt to avoid the Fifth Amendment's prohibition against land takings, the USACE attorney did not refer to these as conservation easements but called them 'Flowage Development Control and Environmental Protection Easements' (FLOWAGE) and used some really 'new math' to adjust the 'fair-market value' of the property down from $1,000 per acre to $125."    

Every day that BP and our government allow the oil to flow and the use of Corexit, more of the earth will be poisoned. The land won't be worth a dollar and a quarter, never mind a hundred and a quarter.  

The marine life that does survive will be contaminated. Recovery of the areas affected is highly unlikely especially when looking at our past record in the Exxon Valdez spill. The use of cancer-causing Corexit has made this disaster many times more toxic than just oil alone.  

News reporter Kerry Kennedy says the people in the Gulf are experiencing symptoms of nausea, headaches and burning eyes. Didn't BP learn anything from Exxon, or did they learn too much? No one is encouraged to wear respirators and rubber gloves because BP is worried about causing a state of hysteria, i.e., a state of awareness. The doctors do not know exactly how to treat the patients coming in since they don't know what chemicals BP is using. Only band aids and aspirin are provided to the workers in the Gulf by BP's company doctors. All I can say is that a majority of the Valdez workers were dead ten years later. The White House has not responded appropriately so BP as a corporation has taken control of the area without the consent of the people.  

Looking at the big picture does put a new light on who is expendable. White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel has said, "Never let a crisis go to waste." And Obama says we are addicted to oil. (This from a man whose largest campaign contributor was BP) We would not have to be using so much oil if so many inventors of alternative energy and free energy had not been frightened off or killed.  

Obama's first televised address to the nation was right out of the UN's Sustainable Development handbook, the comprehensive plan to regulate our behavior via the federal, state and local levels of government, primarily the local level. This scheme has been enhanced until recently by the term "global warming," which was necessarily modified to "global climate change," since we now appear to be in a cooling period. Fortunately, the last climate change conference in Copenhagen failed to produce a new climate change treaty. At Copenhagen, some of the American conservation groups demanded a course of action that will lead to environmental disaster faster. BP is heavily tied to eco-groups like Conservation International and Nature Conservancy. Real science often is thrown out the window to accommodate the programs of Big Oil and Big Coal. This will only be tackled when the green lobbyists in the US stop taking cash from Big Oil and Big Coal.  

City Paper pointed out that BP spent "hundreds of millions of dollars" to "transform its image from that of a dirty old oil company into 'Beyond Petroleum' a company so environmentally friendly it had transcended oil drilling (and spilling) for happy, sunny and clean technologies such as wind and solar."  

They also noted that the environmental groups "trumpeted their ties to corporations, arguing that these partnerships lead to better corporate environmental policies and less damage to the planet."  

That's exactly how the relationship between BP and Conservation International was framed by ABC's "Nightline" back in 2002".  

The main objectives are to end national sovereignty, abolition of private property, the "restructuring" of the family unit, increasing restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity. Barack Obama's way to do this is with something he calls "Cap and Trade."  

I must admit, for the longest time I did not know what "Cap and Trade" meant. Nothing in those three words suggests anything to do with ecology but "Cap and Trade" is an environmentally-based scam, an artificial marketplace designed to reduce pollution by paying people who reduce pollution with money from polluters. "Cap" refers to limits, or caps, on emissions. So, we would have an emissions trading system in which total emissions are limited, or capped. Permits would be allocated or auctioned up to the set cap on emissions and a market would allow polluting members who are emitting less than their quotas to sell their excess permits to polluters who need to buy "credits" to meet their caps. Which is all as totally phony as it sounds, and as totally phony as "man-made global warming." The globe is warmed by the sun, or not, if it puts out less heat. Paying money or being paid has nothing to do with pollution or "greenhouse gasses."  

What "Cap and Trade" does is to create more restrictions and controls on people.  

Some are asking, is there a hidden agenda behind all the foot dragging to the clean-up and to stopping the spill? At my local library, which covers Santa Barbara County, I asked the reference librarian to help me find anything on the Agenda for the 21st Century. What I found was surprising. There were no books, magazines or videos on this subject. The librarian found two brief articles and one review article not on the subject of Agenda 21 but on one aspect of it, the Wildlands Project. The buzz words "Sustainable Development" were used. Nowhere in the public library could one try to inform himself on the scope of Agenda 21. I suspect that this is the way it is throughout America. Agenda 21 is literally a hidden agenda.  

The policymakers have created innocent-sounding catch phrases to capture the hearts and minds of our educators and their students. It will be the students who are the spring board to making Agenda 21 possible through grassroots groups that will carry over to our city councils, town councils and county boards where the policies are made. All these "Sustainable Development" policies and regulations have stolen our soul for life for the communal good. These policies are destroying the soul of life. This is what we are giving up every time we accept these policies. The first point in the moral and ethical guidelines for the Wildlands Project is: All life (human and non-human) has equal value (a minnow is as valuable as man). What we are giving away is what sets man apart from all other animals, our souls.  

This is the most devastating disaster that we have known. It will affect millions of people in the Gulf States, the Eastern Coast and everywhere the Gulf Stream goes. Agenda 21 is not only for America it is international as a United Nations policy for the New World Order. But while we still have some tattered shreds of our Bill of Rights left, each of us who has an ounce of soul left needs to find out for himself and herself the full extent of Agenda 21 and how it will impact on your family's life.  

Agenda 21 has been creeping through each town and city council for 17 years. The first thing to do is to take a good look at what is happening to the people who are living in the Gulf States and etch into our brains what will happen to your family in the near future. Our response to this must be to seize control of our local institutions, our town and city councils and county boards of supervisors and force the rejection of any and all programs, regulations and policies that conform to the United Nations' Agenda for the 21st Century. Gulf Coast residents must demand non-toxic forms of clean-up such as bioremediation, i.e., oil-eating microbes.


Robbi Skye Campbell, humanitarian environmentalist, medical doctor, medicine woman & artist





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