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The British Brute Empire
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The David Icke Newsletter, February 14th, 2010



Hello all ...  

When I talk about 'Great' Britain here I mean the political/military/intelligence establishment and not the people in general - although the silence, disinterest and perceived self-interest of the majority are also fundamental to what goes on.

The British government was exposed this week for secretly colluding with the Bush and Obama administrations in the torture of 'terrorist' suspects.

Nothing surprising there. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband had denied involvement, but both lie for a living. If Miliband ever speaks a half-truth it is a slip of the tongue.

 David Miliband, on the left, holding a silly man in a suit.

Miliband had tried everything possible to stop the truth coming out, but on Wednesday the Appeal Court ruled that there was no justification in withholding from the public the evidence that MI5, Britain's domestic intelligence (or lack of it) operation, had subjected British-based Guantanamo Bay detainee, Binyam Mohamed, to 'cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment'.

All three are the specialties of British military intelligence and their no-soul-mates, the CIA, National Security Agency and Israel's (the Rothschilds') Mossad.  

The Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, said that the British Security Service operates a culture that does not respect human rights or 'abjures' participation in 'coercive interrogation techniques'.

Here is an example of  the real 'Great' Britain in collusion with the real America. The London Daily Mail described just some of what was done to Binyam Mohamed:

'Shackled in total blackness in the CIA's 'dark prison' in Kabul, he was forced to listen to ear-splitting music 24 hours a day for a month.

In Morocco he was hung from walls and ceilings and repeatedly beaten, His penis and chest were sliced with a scalpel and hot, stinging liquid poured into the open wounds.

"They cut all over my private parts", he wrote in his diary. "One of them said it would be better just to cut it off, as I would only breed terrorists" ...

... In July 2002, Mohamed was flown - trussed, gagged, blindfolded and wearing a giant nappy - from Islamabad to Rabat in Morocco.

For the next 18 months he suffered torture including the genital mutilation. He says it was here that questions from MI5 were channelled by his Moroccan interrogators."It was obvious the British were feeding them questions about people in London."

Mohamed says that under torture he told his interrogators that [alleged] 9/11 planner Khalid Shaikh Mohammed had given him the false British passport and that he had met Osama Bin Laden 30 times. "None of it was true."'

This horrific behaviour by a pillar of the 'free world' (what a joke) is actually business as usual and although the methods of torture never fail to shock, nor should they, the fact that they are using it is no news at all.

Anyone with an eye on anything, but the game show, Simon Cowell and the football scores, should already know that Britain is involved in torture - not least because it always has been.

The aspect to this story that hit me most was when David Winnick, a Member of Parliament for the governing Labour Party, said that the torture revelation this week had left a 'stain' on Britain's reputation.

He said what?

Reputation? Which one, pray?

There is nothing 'great' about 'Great' Britain if we are talking about its ruling cabal. It's despicable. Always has been. So what 'reputation' is there to stain? It's reputation is a stain - on the face of the world.

Britain has been a global bully and manipulator of nations since the Illuminati dropped anchor here. For hundreds of years it has sought to conquer and exploit the people of the world - including its own.

The British Empire that began to emerge from the late 16th and early 17th centuries became the biggest in known history, so vast that 'the sun never sets on the British Empire'.

At its peak in the 1920s, it covered more than 13 million square miles (about a quarter of the world's land) and 458 million people, a quarter of the world's population, was ruled from London.

The British Empire at its zenith

British economic 'greatness' in that whole period was founded on mass exploitation of resources and people in other lands and it was deeply, deeply racist.

 It was heavily involved in the slave trade, much of which was coordinated by the House of Rothschild out of London, and many 'aristocratic' and establishment families today made their fortunes from it.

The natural resources of a colony would be stolen and shipped to Britain to be made into 'things' in the sweatshop factories and these products would then be shipped back to the colony to be sold. A bit like today, really, except that many of the new colonies are now being used for cheap manufacturing, too.  

Oh yes, and the City of London financial centre would decide how much the resources were worth in the first place and what, if anything, they were going to pay for them. A bit like today, really.

The 'great' British Empire was founded on theft, mass murder, misery and forced labour at home and aboard. A bit like ... you know.

 'Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the slaves ...'

The British army colonised through death and destruction, either directly, or by manipulating factions in the target countries to fight each other and create the conditions that the British establishment could exploit. 

The Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, the official historian of the Zulu nation, has told me many times of the British modus operandi in Africa employed by Rothschild agents like Cecil John Rhodes (after whom Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and Zambia, was named).

 He would tell one tribe that another tribe was planning to attack them and then tell the other tribe the same. When they fought each other in fear of being attacked first Rhodes would wait until one or both was close to annihilation and then offer the protection of the British Empire - at a price.

That price was to become subject to the rule of the British monarch.

The 'great' British establishment played this scam throughout the world or directly took over through military superiority. The independence of the Zulu nation in South Africa was ended by British military invasion in 1879.

 The 'great' British army in its usual mode - killing people for political and economic conquest - during the Zulu wars.

Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere, a British colonial administrator who made his name in India, was sent to South Africa to impose the centralised rule of a Confederation of South Africa. But he soon realised that this would not be possible without the subjugation of the Zulu nation with its standing army of 40,000 warriors.  

He exaggerated the threat to the British of the Zulus to win support for a war back at home (heard that before?) and then presented an ultimatum to the Zulu king, Cetshwayo, that Frere knew would be rejected. This included the disbanding of the Zulu army.

 Two wars followed and an estimated 10,000 Zulus died to ensure that the 'great' British Empire had its way and imposed its will. It was a story repeated over and over.

Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere. Just another British colonial hatchet man and mass killer.

The 'great' British Empire imposed its tyranny on China by arranging for opium traffickers to smuggle their drugs into the country to overcome laws prohibiting its use. 

The plan was to undermine Chinese society through opium addiction and then take the place over. When the Chinese authorities sought to ban the opium trade the 'great' British Empire went to war - two in fact - the so-called 'Opium Wars' of the 19th century.

William Gladstone, a future British Prime Minister, asked if there had ever been 'a war more unjust in its origin, a war more calculated to cover this country with permanent disgrace, I do not know.' Well, there are plenty to choose from, mate.

The British used their 'victory' in the Opium Wars to force the Chinese to sign the Treaties of Nanjing and Tianjin (known as the Unequal Treaties) which, in effect, enforced British control of China, opened up ports for unrestricted foreign trade and ceded Hong Kong to the British.

What was that about Britain's 'reputation' being 'stained' this week?

 The 'great' British army at it again.

 The 'great' British Empire has been a major player in creating the mayhem and upheavals in the Middle East in league with its controllers, the House of Rothschild.  

The British government told the Palestinian Arabs during the First World War that if they fought the Ottoman Turks and forced them out of Palestine they would be rewarded with an independent country.  

This was a lie from first to last.  

The British Foreign Secretary at the time was the Rothschild secret society initiate, Lord Arthur Balfour, the same guy who, in a letter to the Rothschilds in 1917, pledged British government support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  

The Arabs wrongly agreed to the British deal-that-never-was and with support from a British Lieutenant Colonel called Thomas Edward Lawrence - 'Lawrence of Arabia' - the Ottoman Empire was defeated. The Arabs' reward was not, of course, independence. 

Britain was handed the administration of Palestine by the League of Nations after the war pending the long-planned arrival of the Rothschild Zionists who control the country to this day.

 T E Lawrence

More on this Agent for the British Rothschild Central Bankers
the Originators of  Global Terrorism

[According to this documentation, it was the British who invented terrorism to destroy Hajj and
 Moslem pilgrimages to Mecca by bombing the trains of the pilgrims]


 The Arabs were lied to, as Lawrence later admitted, and that's no surprise because the British establishment exists on lies - if their lips are moving you know they are not telling the truth, as with Brown and Miliband over the involvement with America in torture.  

Oh yes, America, the child of British parentage whose own establishment operates in precisely the same way. 'Daddy' taught him good.  

American imperialism is just the latest version of British imperialism and that's why they continue to work together so closely. They are spawned from the same 'moral' gene pool (cesspool) and work as basically one unit.  

The invasion of Iraq is straight from the blueprint of the British Empire - the same technique they used to justify war against the Zulus and so many others. 'They are a danger to the Empire/America/ Britain/ the world and so we conquer them'.

The American army in Iraq ...

... the British army in South Africa ...


Different uniforms, different era, same deal.  

I have loved England and the British Isles since I was a kid, especially for its landscape, the green and pleasant land of William Blake's hymn, Jerusalem

But its establishment and much else stinks, my god does it stink, and it stinks most of undiluted hypocrisy. This is a disease passed on by the bloodline gene pool to the United States. 

I am sick of seeing these frauds and fakes on both sides of the Atlantic pontificating about peace and freedom when they are the biggest threat to both and have been for centuries.

They don't want peace and freedom - it doesn't suit their agenda and never has. They have their noses in the air and their morality in the gutter.

They are playground bullies and what is called 'diplomacy' in public is really threats of violence and other dire consequences behind the scenes for anyone who won't concede to their demands.

They talk about the threat from the 'terrorism' of others when together they have been involved in more wars, death and destruction than anyone in known history.

When the British establishment speaks, it lies. When the American establishment speaks, it lies. They are brought up to do it, trained in the 'art' of mendacity from an early age, and threatened or discarded if they refuse to deliver.

The British and American establishments, both controlled by the House of Rothschild,  are the bullies of the world, demonic of mind and what passes for heart. All the rest are cissies by comparison.

What happened this week is a 'stain' on Britain's reputation?? The man must be on a planet somewhere, but it's not this one.

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