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"Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the whole world that a Freeman, contending for liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth" George Washington, 2 July 1776

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The Right & Duty of the People:

The Legal & Moral Basis for Global Revolution


Rebecca Em Campbell

July 4, 2010-American Independence Day

The Devil (XV) is a trump, or archetypal card, from the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Note in the foreground the Devil's captive couple, their nakedness fashionably accessorized with satanic horms, tails and neckchains that can be removed at any time.

"Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.  

...[W]hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security."  

-- Thomas Jefferson, The American Declaration of Independence from the Crown Corporations of the British Empire, enacted on July 4, 1776                    

With these words, the founders of the delegated government of the United States of America declared the inherent right and obligation of the people, as the sovereign government of any state, to empower and disempower all delegated government; with these words, those founders also declared the standard by which the legitimacy of the delegated government of any people might be determined: its ability to secure their safety and happiness.  

It is now also especially important to remember that those founders were declaring American independence from Crown corporations of the British Empire that had begun to control the delegated governments of its American colonies with the tacit support of the British government.  

The American founders in so doing gave eloquent voice to the aspirations to freedom of the people of the world, and a model from which the democratic constitutions of many nations have been created, as political and legal contracts of the inherently sovereign people with their delegated national governments.  

We who are alive today exist in a different and even more perilous time, in which the delegated national and supranational governments of most of the so-called democratic nations of the planet are controlled by the transnational corporations of a secretive, sinister global empire, of which the wisest of our leaders throughout history had many times warned us unheeded, with the regretful result that these transnational corporations now control most of the governments of the world.  

This sinister, secretive global empire is operated by an international bank-based corporate crime syndicate that now controls, through advanced technologies of globalized centralization, all of the major sociopolitical, financial, energy, military, religious, cultural and information systems of this planet.  

This sinister, secretive syndicate has recently perpetrated several heinous crimes against nature and humanity that should be evident to all:  

1) An orchestrated worldwide economic depression, with accompanying massive global corporate bailouts, contrasting with massive government service cuts directed at the people of the world;  

2)The fraudulent tyrannous, wasteful pandemic emergency ostensibly declared for the H1N1 influenza through the corporate-controlled United Nations World Health Organization.  The WHO was assisted in implementing this dangerous fraud by its many allied national governments for the profit of the global pharmaceutical cartel, with plans for forced bioweaponized vaccinations and medical martial law included within it to implement worldwide takeover by the sinister syndicate for which the WHO is a front. This has wasted huge amounts of public resources in a time of such significant scarcity as this sinister syndicate had already engineered;  

3) And now the catastrophic false flag oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that has allowed the entire US Gulf Coast and its population to be clandestinely poisoned with megatoxic oil dispersants under the cover of de facto corporate-controlled martial law, while possibly endangering all life on earth.  

Despite some obligatory hearings and reports for public consumption, none of these heinous crimes has been thoroughly investigated by any of the world's national or supranational governments.  

Those investigations that have occurred have dealt only with the cover stories of corporate and government incompetence and greed, rather than dealing with the underlying agendas of ecocide and genocide long covertly championed by those who control the world's corporations and governments.  

For all of these manufactured emergencies, it is now well known that those responsible both causatively and administratively have been offered a number of workable solutions which they have deliberately chosen to ignore, thereby showing evidence of the abovementioned criminal intent of ecocide and genocide, and making these crimes against humanity and nature that much more heinous.  

There have been over the past several centuries -- especially during the unprecedentedly violent twentieth century -- many more atrocities perpetrated by this same secretive, sinister syndicate and its agencies, but none so universally experienced and recognized as these presently pressing events affecting all of us on earth.  

All of these heinous crimes were aided and abetted by the delegated governments of the United States, the United Nations and most of the corporate-controlled national and supranational governments of the world and their corporate-controlled communications media, without due consultation with, and without the informed consent of the world's people.  

Most of our delegated national and supranational governments have thereby betrayed the inherently sovereign people of the world, acting repeatedly against their best interests in, as Thomas Jefferson has so aptly stated, "a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object":... to reduce(us) under absolute despotism."  

These delegated governments have thereby broken their political and legal contracts with the people of the world.  

It is a maxim of universal common law that a contract broken by one of the parties signatory to same is null and void, with the other parties no longer bound by that contract.  

Therefore, since the constitutions of the delegated national and supranational governments of the world are political and legal contracts with its inherently sovereign people, and the political and legal contracts of these national and supranational constitutional contracts with the people have now been repeatedly broken, these constitutional contracts are now null and void, with the people of the world no longer bound by them.  

The emperor has been exposed, not only has being naked, but as being criminally insane, conspiring with his corporate-controlled henchmen to eliminate or degrade much of humanity and our natural environment.  

The delegated national and supranational governments of the world therefore have no more binding legal or moral authority over the world's inherently sovereign people, who now have the authority to remove them from power at will, as well as remove from power the international bank-based corporate crime syndicate that secretly controls these delegated governments through the perniciously pervasive fiction of corporations as legal persons, with rights supposedly equal to or greater than those of natural human beings.  

Further, the inherently sovereign people of the world now have a moral obligation, as well as an inherent right, to remove from power these delegated national and supranational governments, as well as other agencies of this sinister syndicate, since these governments and their clandestine controllers have continuously committed crimes against nature and humanity that now cry out for an urgent and just resolution.  

We the people of the world should be all the more compelled to action by the fact that most of us, by our fearful, willfully ignorant complacency and denial in times past and present, have allowed the ascendancy of this unimaginable evil upon our planet.  

We the people of the world, while claiming to be free, have willingly tolerated and served the dictatorial commercial, educational, religious and corrupted political institutions of our supposedly democratic nations for our supposed security, as well as our material and professional gain. We the people of the world throughout human history have with willful ignorance sold our spiritual birthrights for bowls of putrescent potage, and have continually given away our power to those who were unworthy of wielding it in our names.  

The coming revolution that must occur must not be in only one or several nations, but must occur throughout the planet. Together, the people of the world must rise up in a conscious manner against those systems that have manipulatively enslaved them for many centuries, and replace them with those that will benefit all life on earth.  

This global revolution must certainly be a peaceful one, from a pragmatic, as well as principled standpoint:  if the controllers of this evil global empire knew how to deal effectively with peace, they would not be constantly attempting to provoke wars and violence; they must be far more afraid of us than we of them if they feel so constantly compelled to do this in order to project and inculcate such fear -- particularly the fear of death, which is at the very root of their now-collapsing paradigm.  

The violence of the fear-based patriarchal pyramid paradigm, in which supposed superiority is asserted by violence -- whether institutional or direct, physical or psychic -- needs to be transformed into one of egalitarian, decentralized, directly democratic cooperation for the greater good.  

Such a peaceful revolution can only be achieved by the participation of all people, in which heroism can become a common quality, rather than an isolated occurrence, and the authority of the world's only authentic superpower -- that of its people -- can be fully and appropriately asserted by all of them without the constant handicap of control agendas, whether inner or outer.  

The coming global revolution must use the overwhelming power of uncompromising truth against that which seeks to withhold it; this includes, not only the abusive political, economic and cultural systems within the world, but the codependent dysfunction within ourselves, that has for so long permitted this institutionalized abuse by our reflexively replicating the behavior of our controllers:  projecting it outward onto others, thus keeping us divided both within and without for easier manipulation by these abusive institutions.  

The truth will indeed set us free, but first it may anger us. Some of this anger may be directed at ourselves, unless it is consciously and constructively channeled into making the changes we need to make within ourselves, so that we can more easily work with ourselves and with others to make the significant changes we wish to see in the world.  

We, in our myopic materialism, have forgotten the authentic meaning and use of free will, which is the gift of our Creator. We have forgotten that freedom lies, not in the ability to choose for ourselves alone between many brands of products, but in the ability to choose and to fulfill our own obligations in harmony with the greater whole. The right to choose is the gift of God to us; to choose the right is the gift of us to God.  

Let us therefore at this transformative juncture in the history of our planet choose the right by together rising up to defend it as a peaceful army of light dispersing ancient darkness.  

The United States of America, whose anniversary we today celebrate, is the most diverse among the nations of the earth. Once the microcosmic model for democracy on this planet, it needs to become so again, rather than the brutal military enforcer of a vicious global regime. Its flawed constitution and mode of democratic governance -- particularly that of its economy and ecology-- needs to be revised with integrity to reflect the needs of current reality:  

The usurpations of the people's inherent sovereignty by its corporate-controlled federal government need to be immediately and effectively addressed. This includes summarily rescinding the fraudulent, perniciously pervasive legal doctrine of corporate personhood, the presumed sovereign immunity for federal government officials from prosecution, as well as the repeal of enabling federal laws and charters of those corporations and their enabling government agencies that have engaged in crimes against humanity and nature.   

America must once again become a truly free nation to be a worthy example to the entire world.   

America's iconic Liberty Bell, like its republican democracy, was cracked at its creation, never ringing true. The bell bears the following inscription: "Proclaim liberty throughout the land."  The Liberty Bell now needs to be recast and finally rung, not only in America, but throughout all lands, sounding within its triumphant strains this new inscription, upon which we the people of the world need urgently to act:


"Proclaim liberty throughout the earth!"







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