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The Citizens America Party is a Foundational and Educational Site to Shine the Light on The Three Great Hurts That Are Being Played Out on the World:   The 9/11 Big Lie, the "War on Terror" and Global Zionism which We Consider Simply Non-Human

"Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the whole world that a Freeman, contending for liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth" George Washington, 2 July 1776

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The War Against Us by the Criminal
 Zionist (Nazi) Rothschild-Rockefeller Order










The jet fuel is long gone when south tower begins collapsing. So who added this heat? From the ground it looked like dust and rubble of collapsing concrete and steel but now we see the violent combustion sufficient for the job. There is no argument that can be raised against this.

One photo is all that is needed to prove the 9-11 mass-murder was a false-flag black-op -- an attack by a most ruthless foreign enemy in an effort provoke war between Christian Americans and Moslem Iraqis and Afghanis. This one newly released helicopter shot of the early stage of the collapse of South Tower independently confirms what the thermite residues found by Dr. Steven Jones already proved controlled demolition, an inside job, Jewish rather than Moslem involvement. Simply ask yourself where the tremendous head energy visible in this explosion came from so long after the last of the jet fuel is gone -- the jet crashes and fuel combustion not producing an explosion anywhere near this size.  

Pay up!  

Rothschild Crime Syndicate owes you $100 Trillion in restitution for wars, depressions, inflations, monopoly and everything else they have done since in the last two centuries not only the money they have taken, but the wealth of mankind that they have prevented consider what humanity might have attained without world war one, without the great depression, without world war two, without the cold war, without depressions and recessions and hyperinflation, without the withholding of patents and the suppression of basic science breakthroughs in order to protect their monopoly power in oil and other areas, without their monopoly of the media and their efforts to dumb down nations, their efforts to pit race against race, their efforts trading weapons, heroin, cocaine, opium, their sabotage of our basic institutions, their judeo-pornogaphic culture at war with our pro-family Christian and Moslem values. And most of all for the effects of their monopoly of money and credit which was used to maximize their wealth in the form of holding our interest-paying IOUs representing our debt -- while they carried out a policy of deflation to ensure that even the principal of the loan is much more than the original purchasing power borrowed.  

And apart from this restitution we are owed there are the criminal penalties -- for their systematic capture of governments, for the murder of their political opponents, for false-flag provocateur terrorism, and for the systematic obstruction of justice through bribery, blackmail, murder, and use of media monopoly and hired agents to keep out the truth treason and misprision of treason.  

This is the bill I place on the table in answer to all claims on the world population that the Rothschild interests crime dynasties forming an international organized crime conspiracy syndicate. We owe you nothing and you have no claim to the lands, capital and patents now in your possession.  

A full confession and a full accounting from you are required. Your cooperation in the execution of justice is in your new best interest. It will determine the extent of your freedom and of the possessions that will be left with you as your account with mankind is settled. More conspiracy is not recommended. With exposure to light conspiracy loses its leverage and only adds to your total bill.

It's time everyone start thinking along these lines. And remember, if we don't take the initiative from them we will merely fall victim of all the still-to-come phases of their elaborate well-thought-out program against us.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”  Howard Zinn

$500 Trillion Dollars

Rothschilds Own More Than Half the Wealth of the Entire World

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"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none"
Mrs Rothschild

Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1744–1812)

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