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"Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the whole world that a Freeman, contending for liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth" George Washington, 2 July 1776

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Solutions from The People to Care for the Nation

Wizard of Oz and Populism









1.  Economic Emergency Plan   Webster Tarpley

2.  How to Finance the National Dividend  – Richard C. Cook

3.  Captured by the Debt Spider
– Dr Ellen Brown

4.  Disarm the Financial Establishment Michel Chossudovsky

5.  Fixing Corporations – Jane Anne Morris

6.  Putting In Place Single Payer
 Universal Healthcare
– Dr Norman D. Livergood

7.  Taking Populism Seriously
Adrian Kuzminski

8.  Real Change or Chump Change?
– J Speer-Williams

9.  America's Fiscal Collapse
Michel Chossudovsky

10.  Taking America Back:  Part I
– Paul A. Drockton

11.  The Forgotten Populists That Had the Answer – Dick Eastman

Correction to the Kuzminski Article:
Populism and Economic Democracy

"Nice to have an article from you, Kuzminski.

'Fixing the System' is highly recommended.

Consider this: the Populists of the 19th Century were mostly small farmers. About half the American population of the time lived on farms.

Demographically, the populists of today are the middle class. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are not populists. Neither of them advocates economic democracy. That is what Populism means. It doesn't mean alienated minorities bound together by factional interest. It means economic democracy for the economic mainstream, which is the middle class, to which most people aspire.

The term has been given a pejorative meaning and it is often used to mean "demagogue". Populism, as economic democracy, is a threat to the powers that be; hence, it is derided.

You might be interested to read recent articles by Ellen Brown on the fiscal dilemma in California. She has a practical solution for the states' dilemma in the model of the Bank of North Dakota, a state owned bank founded in 1919. This bank represents the real and practical result of olde time 19th Century Peoples Party idealism.

While the Bank of ND does not signify the return of the money power to the people, it does share the money power with the state and makes ND the only state in the union with a budget surplus of 1.3 billion, a shining star in a sea of insolvency.

Richard C Cook advocates "The Cook Plan", which is very much like your proposal. And don't forget the American Monetary Act of Stephan Zarlenga and the American Monetary Institute.

But for a solution that has the highest probability of challenging the private monopoly on credit, I think Ellen Brown's has the best chance in the near term...."

Capitalism to Keep Socialism in Check

"I hate hearing the insane mantra that capitalism has failed - it has not failed, and capitalism is simply the 'way things are'.

When I work, then I make goods or services and I trade them with others for things that I need. When I get good at what I am doing and deliver high quality goods so that demand outstrips my ability to supply, then I find others who can invest in my business and we both make money.

That is capitalism - and it works perfectly unless it is screwed with.

Here are the ways that it has been screwed with;

1) Creating credit, and lending money at interest. Lending money at interest is evil, and so is creating credit out of thin air - it forces compound growth in a finite world - it is unsustainable.

Solution - only real money should be able to used, and when you use this money capital - you use it to gain in interest in the business - not create a loan. In other words, you become a share holder.

2) Regulation to create and protect monopolies. So much regulation and law is created to protect monopolies, and cause the start up costs for small businesses to be impossible to meet.

Solution - repeal all the crap laws and regulations that protect monopolies - make a level playing field - large businesses will have to be competitive or die.

3) Corporations laws prevent directors and CEO's from being legally responsible for the corporation.

Solution - repeal the corporations laws - start sending directors and CEO's to jail when their decisions cause pain, suffering and death.

There are a lot of other things that could be done - but these would certainly be a good start - however, it seems making changes of this nature would be like trying to reverse gravity - might be possible in theory - but in practice .. ?

Capitalism isn't the problem - if you understood what capitalism is, then you would have to agree it hasn't had a chance in the western world for the last 100 or more years - these countries have been fascist, and also been under control of the central banking hegemony."

 Socialism to Keep Capitalism in Check

“Fasicsm is the marriage of corporate power and the government. Socialism is simply a desire for people to live together fairly, with equality. What do think a republic is? WE THE PEOPLE is the idea of the people ruling ourselves with maturity and fairness. You can't have that in a 'free' market system. You know why, because you have the few who screw everyone else for excess. You have accountants who rule, who only care about profit instead of people. Read your history, why do you think the kings and rich built castles? It was more to protect them from the overtaxed peons than about invasion. How do you think unions came about? Because business was so generous and caring for the workers? You need to get some basic info before you spout inanely about you speak. Free market is not free it is fascism at its most bare. Open your dictionary.

Plato said it so well; "The form of law which I propose would be as follows; in a state desirous of being saved from the greatest of all plagues–not faction, but rather distraction–there should exist among the citizens, neither extreme poverty nor again excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil...Now the legislator should determine what is to be the limit of poverty and wealth". Pure socialism–it is not wealth that causes crime but the lack of, i.e. the EXTREMES. Kid, your duped by the propaganda of the rich, and unless you’re rich, then you are a fool for being a mouthpiece for them. You spout a 'locust-like' existence I find this infantile, self-centered, childish, and hedonic. Is this your aspiration in life; greed? How shallow.

Or we have Lao Tzu;  throw away profit and greed and there won't be any thieves [in both government and society].

Without your free market we would have clean air, clean water.  If we thought of others instead of our childish self interests we would have resources for one and all. We wouldn’t have dead zones, sterile forests and processed foods polluting our people. Free market? What a lie, what a con job what a debacle and those who profess belief in such trite are uninformed, rich or even worse fools who dream of what they will never possess...”

Michael Hall

A Fair, Equitable, Balanced and Entirely Moral System
 for the Progress and Happiness of the People

Socialism is needed to keep a check (and balance) on Capitalism (selfishness, greed and monopolization), and Capitalism is needed to keep a check (and balance) on Socialism (sloth, laziness/an undisciplined life and overgrown government). At the same time, populism, a true people’s “economic” democracy is needed as the basis to bring about individual human enterprise and creativity (modest capitalism) in association with our human compassion and caring for all (humane socialism). Without oppressive capitalism dominating our lives, we are ALL free to move into higher levels of learning, wisdom, understanding and thinking for the ultimate—a self reflective life—the only life worth living as Socrates said.

However, the elitists on the Planet strive to keep us all in a state of waste (and victimhood) so that we may continually serve oppressive capitalism and the wars it generates.

Should we accept that? I don’t think so.

We are already breaking through that tyranny (stupidity) here:

http://www.citizensamericaparty....rg/ platform.htm

And Michael Hall, thanks for your contribution that added the final piece here:

http://www.citizensamericaparty....g/ solutions.htm

It shows how solutions can really come together FROM The People.

God bless us all. As George Washington said:

“We must bear the present evils with fortitude.” signers.htm